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Becoming a Volunteer
Becoming a Volunteer: Your Responsibilities As A Volunteer, Essential...
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Case Studies: Helping Out on a Debt Helpline: A Case Study, I Learnt New Skills...
Community Volunteering
Community Volunteering: Volunteer With Your Local Fire Service,...
Other Voluntary Work
Other Voluntary Work: Student Volunteering, Working With the Elderly,...
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Readers Stories: All You Need To Know About Community Service Volunteers (CSV...
Volunteering Abroad
Volunteering Abroad: Overseas Programs, Getting into Overseas...
Working with Children
Working with Children: Becoming a Child Mentor, Volunteering for Young...
Latest Comments
  • Swabster
    Re: Hospital Radio
    I was involved with hospital radio as a presenter for 6 years at Rush Green Hospital. I now live in Birmingham and would like to get back involved…
    24 April 2017
  • VoluntaryWorker
    Re: Volunteer as a Dog Walker
    Saran - Your Question:Hi, I would love to volunteer dogs for a walk or to give them some fun time. I have justs moved to london, want…
    24 April 2017
  • nat
    Re: Volunteer as a Dog Walker
    I am wondering if I can volunteer taking the dog for a walk
    24 April 2017
  • April
    Re: Volunteering to Help Premature Babies
    Hi my name is April and I am 24 years of age and I am a mummy to a beautiful Little girl, I saw somebody who shared…
    24 April 2017
  • Nick
    Re: Working with Animal Welfare
    Hi, Like most people I've been through some tough times in life, but have been fortunate to come out the other side. Really feel…
    23 April 2017
  • Doug
    Re: Green Gym Volunteering: Case Study
    I came across the site while browsing volunteer opportunities as I will retire in June 2017 and would like to look into…
    23 April 2017
  • Stacey 01
    Re: Volunteering to Help Premature Babies
    I would love to do this and help babies x Is there anything in Birmingham please
    23 April 2017
  • Saran
    Re: Volunteer as a Dog Walker
    Hi, i would love to volunteer dogs for a walk or to give them some fun time. I have justs moved to london, want to spend some time in…
    23 April 2017
  • Sniffles
    Re: Volunteering to Help Premature Babies
    Hi Just wondered if you had any cuddle programs in the Greenwich London area or London?
    22 April 2017
  • Habs
    Re: Working With Animals
    I am 13 I love animals and I love helping I was also wondering if I was too young but I would really love this opportunity thank you
    22 April 2017
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