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Welcome to VoluntaryWorker, your reference source to volunteering in the UK and overseas. Volunteering offers the chance to get active, learn new skills, make new friends or gain experience to add to your CV.It can feel a bit daunting to know how to get started; let us guide you through. You will find reliable information on all aspects of volunteering gathered together in our comprehensive website.
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Becoming a Volunteer
Becoming a Volunteer: Your Responsibilities As A Volunteer, Essential...
Case Studies
Case Studies: Helping Out on a Debt Helpline: A Case Study, I Learnt New Skills...
Community Volunteering
Community Volunteering: Volunteer With Your Local Fire Service,...
Other Voluntary Work
Other Voluntary Work: Student Volunteering, Working With the Elderly,...
Readers Stories
Readers Stories: All You Need To Know About Community Service Volunteers (CSV...
Volunteering Abroad
Volunteering Abroad: Overseas Programs, Getting into Overseas...
Working with Children
Working with Children: Becoming a Child Mentor, Volunteering for Young...
Latest Comments
  • Mary
    Re: Volunteering to Help Premature Babies
    I have had prem twins who are now 10 and a prem son who I lost after two days I live in Suffolk near west Suffolk…
    22 January 2017
  • Mxsha
    Re: Volunteer as a Dog Walker
    My name is misha I am 13 years old but will be 14 in a few months and I am doing d ofe this year. Is it possible if I could volunteer ?
    20 January 2017
  • Sophie
    Re: Working with the Homeless
    I want to help homeless people in my spare time Wigan area
    20 January 2017
  • Saira
    Re: Volunteering for Young People
    Hi! I'm Saira. Im a muslim. Im 14 years old and I am looking for a place to get volunteering hours, since I really want to help…
    20 January 2017
  • VoluntaryWorker
    Re: Volunteering to Help Premature Babies
    Old helper - Your Question:I am interested in helping in a voluntary capacity in the premature baby area of the need…
    20 January 2017
  • Pixie
    Re: Working with the Homeless
    I am a single mom with time on my hands, would love to be able to help out where ever I can, within the homeless sector, have a lot of…
    19 January 2017
  • Doug
    Re: Volunteering With Your Local Young Offenders Team
    Im a student at the University of lincoln studying Forensic Psychology - I am looking for some relevant…
    19 January 2017
  • Old helper
    Re: Volunteering to Help Premature Babies
    I am interested in helping in a voluntary capacity in the premature baby area of the need for couriers to help deliver…
    19 January 2017
  • Mary
    Re: Hospital Radio
    I am a retired person living in NI. I love the radio and would like to get some information about volunteering for hospital radio. I am not…
    18 January 2017
  • Danny
    Re: Your Employment Rights as a Volunteer
    I work as a voluenteer, my manager requests I work between 8:30-3:30pm is this fair? There has been occasions where I…
    15 January 2017
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