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Welcome to VoluntaryWorker, your reference source to volunteering in the UK and overseas. Volunteering offers the chance to get active, learn new skills, make new friends or gain experience to add to your CV.It can feel a bit daunting to know how to get started; let us guide you through. You will find reliable information on all aspects of volunteering gathered together in our comprehensive website.
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Becoming a Volunteer
Becoming a Volunteer: Your Responsibilities As A Volunteer, Essential...
Case Studies
Case Studies: Helping Out on a Debt Helpline: A Case Study, I Learnt New Skills...
Community Volunteering
Community Volunteering: Volunteer With Your Local Fire Service,...
Other Voluntary Work
Other Voluntary Work: Student Volunteering, Working With the Elderly,...
Readers Stories
Readers Stories: All You Need To Know About Community Service Volunteers (CSV...
Volunteering Abroad
Volunteering Abroad: Overseas Programs, Getting into Overseas...
Working with Children
Working with Children: Becoming a Child Mentor, Volunteering for Young...
Latest Comments
  • VoluntaryWorker
    Re: Working with Children or Adults with Special Needs
    Kelly - Your Question:Hi I would like to find out further information on how I would go about working…
    23 March 2018
  • chinaa
    Re: Becoming a Child Mentor
    i have been seeking to do some voluntary work to gain more skills for my self and develop my self around this particular section to build…
    22 March 2018
  • Jane
    Re: Volunteer as a Dog Walker
    Hi I'm looking for volunteering to help walk dogs.. As I would benifits myself as well as the dig.. Getting out and excerise wise...…
    22 March 2018
  • Lesley
    Re: Hospice Volunteering
    Help In kitchen Also have a loving cat that would enjoy extra love
    22 March 2018
  • Lesley
    Re: Hospice Volunteering
    I would to help in a hospice kitchen or reception in my area which is Durham Also have a very loving cat that enjoy extra attention
    22 March 2018
  • shell
    Re: Your Employment Rights as a Volunteer
    Can I be dismissed from my position as a volunteer for making an accident claim against the company for an accident in…
    22 March 2018
  • Dreb
    Re: Hospital Radio
    I was looking for volunteer opportunities and I would like to gain more experience in radio production. I have just completed a course within a…
    21 March 2018
  • Jugs
    Re: Hospital Radio
    Good morning, im messaging about getting involved in hospital radio. Ive always been intrested in radio and wondered i could be apart of the learn…
    21 March 2018
  • Kelly
    Re: Working with Children or Adults with Special Needs
    Hi I would like to find out further information on how I would go about working with children with…
    20 March 2018
  • arm
    Re: Volunteering for Young People
    I am Physically handicaped person but can do any hand work. I working in computer job last twely year and selfdefence but no…
    19 March 2018
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