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Jeremy said:
Friday, 28 Oct 2016
Hello I am looking for voluntary help with my photo filing and celebration card sales. if you are able to help, or can pass on my request I would be very grateful look forward to hearing from you Jeremy
Melinda said:
Thursday, 17 Mar 2016
Thank you for the information. If I volunteer in my local youth justice service could it eventually lead towards me getting paid work with the field.
Hannah said:
Saturday, 27 Feb 2016
Hi there m interested in volunteering to walk dogs . I enjoy spending my time with dogs and rabbits so if anyone wants there dogs wallking I'm willing to do that for them .
Luca said:
Monday, 20 Oct 2014
I would love to be a part of your team for any volunteering activities. In particular I would love to work with the youth offending team. Thank you
Noor said:
Monday, 29 Sep 2014
Hello! I'm doing a Masters in Criminal and Investigative Psychology, and i'm sending you a comments because I would like to know if there's any possibility to engage in a voluntary work related with my area. If you have some suggestions about institutions or contacts which I could have access to it, would be grate! Thank you so much!
Tuesday, 9 Sep 2014
Hello dear Madam/Sir I can interpret in Farsi language and will be happy to work as a volunteer. Thank You
Timothy said:
Friday, 29 Aug 2014
I would like to help some other people thank you
Pamela said:
Tuesday, 24 Jun 2014
Hi l do like to help the older people in UK, if you could give me opportunity. thanks,,
Thomas said:
Monday, 26 May 2014
Hi, I want to help out in voluntary work. I live in london. How do I apply? Thanks Tom
Paul said:
Wednesday, 12 Mar 2014
Interesting useful information
Steve said:
Tuesday, 21 May 2013
After a career in nursing I am now disabled with mobility problems. I would love to some voluntary work in an office just to be useful
Jacqueline said:
Saturday, 30 Mar 2013
I am a middle aged lady finding myself feeling somewhat isolated as my children have left home and I am divorced. I get a great deal of pleasure from helping others and feel I too would benefit from offering support to the homeless. I am generally available and I drive. Many thanks, Jackie Sewell.
Charlene said:
Monday, 25 Feb 2013
My name is charlene and I am a single mum. I have worked with young people for many years: I worked in a childrens home for two years also have worked in youth cluds and community centres. I enjoy working with children and young people, and enjoy craft, art and all things out doors, like rock climbing. I love being apart of a team and like helping others and get involed.
Sunday said:
Thursday, 21 Feb 2013
This is a great opportunity for me, since I have always wanted to also make a postive contribution in other peoples lives.
Jota said:
Sunday, 17 Jun 2012
Hello I would like to participate in volunteer'm from Colombia, and I would like to know in which countries of the world can volunteer. thanks
Wednesday, 28 Mar 2012
Patricia said:
Tuesday, 27 Mar 2012
Hi I am interesting in voluntary work with young offenders
Saturday, 10 Mar 2012
Please kindly send me updates of your volunteer programmes. Thanks.
Cristina said:
Monday, 21 Nov 2011
Hi! I have really liked it! I would like to be a volunteer. How could I be a volunteer in UK?Thank you very much
Carolina said:
Wednesday, 19 Oct 2011
Hi I am very interested to know how I can sign up for your volunteer program abroad. I hope to answer soon thank you very much a greeting Carolina Ferrer
Jenny said:
Friday, 8 Jul 2011
Could you kindly let me know how I can go about getting a voluntary assistant to help my physically disabled friend to do a art course and cookery course in harrow? Thank you.
Simon said:
Monday, 9 May 2011
Only just found this site, from what I've seen so far, it looks very informative :-)
Gabriela said:
Wednesday, 20 Apr 2011
I want to work as a volunteer in UK museums. I want to know more about it. thanks!
Joseph said:
Thursday, 31 Mar 2011
I look forward to receiving information and keeping me up to speed with what is happening now
James said:
Sunday, 20 Feb 2011
I Am A Retired Man And I Have Worked All My Life And I Feel Life Has Not Been Bad To Me So I Feel I Can Help Other P eople In Some Capscity Thank You
Bikesh said:
Saturday, 22 Jan 2011
We are looking a volunteer who can work in Nepal for proposed newly Elder home. Thank you
Sally said:
Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011
I am the Volunteering Co-ordinator at Evesham Volunteer Centre I am always looking for new & interesting ways of helping clients to access Volunteering & for it to be a rewarding opportunity for them.
Rhian said:
Tuesday, 11 Jan 2011
I would really like to become a volunteer with the homeless
Hannington said:
Thursday, 11 Nov 2010
Hi, am currently an asylum seeker living in Darwen in Lancashire. Am awaiting a decision from the Home office concerning my asylum case. Could I do any volunteering work to keep me active and probably to enhance my CV? Thanks for your valued time, Hannington.
Lauren said:
Saturday, 30 Oct 2010
I would like very much to volunteer as an older person. Please send me information, it's the first time I've found out about this. Many thanks
Kathryn said:
Friday, 29 Oct 2010
Hi - am taking early retirement and am really looking forward to doing some volunteering work.
Beverley said:
Saturday, 9 Oct 2010
Just been on your site and found it very informative and easy to use. Looking forward to recieving your monthly newsletter.
Kit said:
Thursday, 30 Sep 2010
I accidently stumbled upon this site and found it so interesting. I decided to become involved and discover more about its achievements.
Fiona said:
Thursday, 23 Sep 2010
I am interested in training to be a voluntry worker can you please tell me when you offer a training programme .i have a lot of patience and compassion and really would love to help thank you ,fiona
Jane said:
Thursday, 19 Aug 2010
I live in East of Scotland, near Edinburgh and would be interested in volunteer opportunities in this area. Thank you
Emma said:
Saturday, 31 Jul 2010
This site is great
Mavis said:
Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010
L would like to join your voluntary sector which l hope l would make a differnce.Thank you.
Penny said:
Tuesday, 13 Jul 2010
I am applying for a job to work along side volunteers. And I found this site very helpful for both myself in the care field and those doing just as a important job along side making everyone a great team
Cloudis said:
Saturday, 26 Jun 2010
I would like to do voluntary work in care homes but I dont have any experience .hw do I go about it. thanks
Vasana said:
Friday, 25 Jun 2010
Hello, I'm interesting on voluntary work to gain experience.. regards,
Lyndon said:
Wednesday, 23 Jun 2010
Well organised and easy to read
Nadine said:
Wednesday, 23 Jun 2010
I would really like to do some volenteer work with children with special needs I am currently livng in london so if you could tell me where I would be able to do this.
Lorena said:
Wednesday, 9 Jun 2010
Hello, My name is Lorena Cabrera I am engineer environmental and wants to be voluntary in the voluntary military service program. I want to know as they are the requirements that I must fulfill. Thank you very much.
Laura Jayne said:
Sunday, 6 Jun 2010
I would like to know if any voluntary positions come up thanks kind regards Laura Jayne Jewell
Grazyna said:
Friday, 30 Apr 2010
I weould like to work , as voluntaryin health and sociale care. I have no experience , about that, but I really like to do that for some time. Thank you
Ieva said:
Thursday, 1 Apr 2010
I would be happy, if I'd have a chance to help children with special needs. I have an experience. Thank you- Ieva (Latvia)
Paula said:
Thursday, 25 Feb 2010
Adepoju .A. said:
Sunday, 17 Jan 2010
Thanks, AM hopping to returned finally to Africa, to be precised,Nigeria. I would need to do something to help my Local people.To educate the people on the need for clean and healthy environment.
Maguy said:
Friday, 15 Jan 2010
I'm from north of portugal.i really want help people from other countries.please send me informations.thank you very much,maguy
Luke said:
Thursday, 31 Dec 2009
Hi, I work full time but would like to do some voluntary work either weekends/evenins or both. I am very keen and want to give something back to society... Thank you ....Luke
Belén said:
Thursday, 26 Nov 2009
Hi. I am Belén, from Guayaquil-Ecuador and would love to make a voluntary work. I want to know if I have a chance to be a part of an international program. Good luck...Thanks =)
Hamad said:
Tuesday, 17 Nov 2009
I think this website is put together very well.
GUL said:
Thursday, 1 Oct 2009
Please information abouth your project this year l was be volunteer in malta my job draw turkish tile and play violin l teach art craf for maltes children l want again work be volunteer another country .what can l do ?please information .thank you REGARDS
Jennifer said:
Thursday, 24 Sep 2009
I loved to work and got a great passion of the emergency services and law enforcements too. I have a great sense of duty and to honour my country and to my Queen.
Donna said:
Tuesday, 15 Sep 2009
I would love to work with the homeless.but with a family to support I cant do voluntary work.. thank you... donna davies
Thursday, 10 Sep 2009
Hi, i have few hours free every week I would like to spend these hours as a volunter so you can put me to any work which will be goog for human being. thanks
Carlene said:
Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009
I am looking to do voluntary work withing the Youth Offending area. I was part of Trailblazers, working with Young Offenders at HMYOI Feltham. Many thanks Carlene
Maria said:
Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009
Please would you be able to send me details of your voluntary work pamphlet. Many Thanks Maria Rymer
Lorraine said:
Monday, 13 Jul 2009
Very informative website, Thanks
John said:
Tuesday, 7 Jul 2009
Ver helpful and informative site as I am looking to become a child mentor. Many thanks
Davis said:
Tuesday, 23 Jun 2009
Thanks for the work and all the services you provide to the people both to those in need as individuals and groups,communities and to us the volunteers. Thanks so much.
Shalav said:
Monday, 2 Mar 2009
I enjoyed the site and I thought I'd keep myself upto date with all the latest volunteer activities.
Sandra said:
Sunday, 25 Jan 2009
Great site, very informative! Thanks Sandra
Myka said:
Tuesday, 20 Jan 2009
Informative and easy to navigate website. My only query was regarding the page on Mentoring children, are the organisations shown above and below the information the ones to contact or are there charities or local authorities that you should contact, that wasn't clear.
Amanda said:
Wednesday, 26 Nov 2008
Im looking for volunteering jobs in my local area working with young offenders. my location is west yorkshire keighley. thank you
Amy said:
Thursday, 6 Nov 2008
I have enjoy using your website as a part of my Travel and Tourism coursework. It has been a great help.
Melika said:
Monday, 15 Sep 2008
Looking for voluntary work as a mentor so your news letter will be very informative for keeping me abreast of goings-on in the voluntary sector.
Armen said:
Wednesday, 20 Aug 2008
Compliments on the web page. clear, thoughtful and interesting.
Nicoleta said:
Tuesday, 29 Jul 2008
I would like to inform you that I am looking for volunteering possibilities in Mexico City, especially those that provide accommodation and meals. Thank you.
Sharon said:
Monday, 23 Jun 2008
I have made several trips to the UK and feel that I would like to volunteer at a National Trust property. I can commit a week at a time. Please let me know if there is an opportunity? Thank you.
Edwin said:
Saturday, 31 May 2008
Your website is very accessible and welcoming. Thank you for your quick responce. Always let me know any vecancy available. Edwin Oluoch
Furgan said:
Saturday, 5 Apr 2008
I am interested in becoming voluntry worker and the area I am interested in is health, I would be greatful I if you could send me information about this. thank you